“If you’re lucky enough to be reading this, you’re lucky enough to be about to work with one of the most inspiring, creative minded and lovely people you’ll ever work with. Don’t pass it up. ” Phil Wilce, TH_NK Creative Director

“Brek is incredibly collaborative, she is not only calm and effective in her role as a Producer but also merges in her own creativity to great effect. Her strong creative skills are not something you find in every Producer and it really enhanced the quality of the end result of the project.” Ella More O’Ferrall, Partizan Producer

“Brek was brought on board via our agency TH_NK to produce the J2O digital blends campaign and I am so glad she was; the project has been a huge success and no mean feat to pull off – filming 20 adverts in 6 hours is not for the feint hearted – from start to finish she has been a pleasure to work with; co-ordinating with the agency, us as client, talent and many others besides.    At all times she has remained a calming and efficient influence and the results speak for themselves – we smashed even our stretch targets!   I believe that Brek went above and beyond for this project; turning round beautiful films with incredibly tight timescales.   I hope to work with her again in the future and can’t think of a better person to have on the team.”   Stacy Cronly-Dillon, J2O Brand Activation.

“Brek’s methods ensured that we all thoroughly understood the project resulting in the highest possible achievement from the whole team!” Malcolm Wilson, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Island quad

“Island is an assured feature debut. Those who complain about the lack of interesting films being made in this country would be well advised to seek out this intriguing tale.” Close-up Film

“Island is magic realism done with a remarkable lightness of touch that is, unlike similar films, effortlessly and satisfyingly ambiguous.” Best for Film

“Island is an intriguingly staged story of love featuring a suitably edgy series of performances… Nathalie Press is perfect.” Screen International

“I loved learning from Brek’s creative process, and took lots of mental notes. She put a lot of thought into the research, development and interpretation of the script and characters, which is when I first became involved in Island. ‘Drowning’ my drawings was one of my favourite moments as part of researching animation techniques. I loved watching the ink run off the page in our aquarium experiments, and to witness how by destroying my drawings we brought them to life. This is a typical Brek process-led approach.” Orly Orbach, Artist and Illustrator

“In her role as a producer Brek took on ground-breaking work with young people, theatre and film. She combines creative flair with administrative efficiency; aims high and delivers. Her enthusiasm is infectious (in other words she’s a joy to work with) and her attention to detail sees her and her colleagues through to a perfect finish.” Penelope Middelboe, former CEO Shakespeare Schools Festival

“Brek Taylor makes a significant and valuable contributions to the local skills agenda by providing exemplary training and support for individual artists. Her training and workshops are highly recommended.” Islington Council Arts and Culture

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