Britvic J2O

She is proud to have been the creative producer of the J2O campaign for Britvic with Partizan production company for Digital Marketing Agency Think.

She devised collaborative techniques to explore and encourage new work between the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and spoken word artist James Masssiah to ensure an authentic and rich “blend” of art forms to satisfy Britvic’s campaign needs.┬áThen, working closely with Creative Director Phil Wilce, Brek coached the performances of the two art forms and developed 20 new varied pieces of online content (films) to compliment TH_NK’s Digital marketing strategy. Finally working in close collaboration with Partizan to create 20 beautiful films to celebrate this work, Brek strategised and oversaw the shoot and post production of 20 films in 2 days and their distribution to social media for each working day in February. The campaign hit it’s target views in the first 2 weeks of it’s 6 week campaign.

“This was no mean feat. Incredible talent, incredible ambition creating incredible work!” Brek Taylor

To see the launch film of the campaign click here.
To read about what people thought of working with Brek click here.



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