Elsie, Prince of Denmark

Most recently Brek directed “Elsie, Prince of Denmark” an inspiring and funny coming of age film, exploring death, destiny and Shakespeare. Written by the brilliant Julie Mayhew and produced by the fabulous Caroline Milsom and Jayne Trotman. The film stars Lily Dodsworth-Evans and Sally Phillips together with 45 young people from Peterborough where the story was set and made.

Elsie May doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life just yet – so Elsie’s funeral director father and her A Level college are busy making plans for her instead. However, when Elsie is cast in an end of year production of “Hamlet” and sees her frustrations and indecision mirrored by the eponymous hero, she sees a way to make her desires understood, but how far is Elsie prepared to go to be heard?

The team aim to share the film in Peterborough and London once editing and post production has completed later this year, before submitting to international film festivals.

More information and videos about the film, the team and it’s ambition can be viewed on it’s kickstarter page.