One of Brek’s career highlights has been premiering her first feature film “Island” starring Janet McTeer and Colin Morgan at the Glasgow International Film Festival. The film was distributed by Soda Pictures and sold internationally to Anderson Digital in 2014.

Brek worked as script editor with writer Elizabeth Mitchell and together they co-directed and co-produced the film. The main themes of the film were myth, mystery, transformation, identity and to ensure the film created a compelling and creative journey for the audience Brek devised a series of workshops working with a range of artists to help the film reached it’s full creative potential. The artists included Tracy Kinniburgh to help with our investigation into perception of shape and colour in forest scenes, Elaine Cunningham to understand better the changing mood and light of land and sea scapes, and Orly Orbach to explore our lead character’s qualities, their posturing and framing and the main film theme of myth (her work went on to be incorporated into our animation sequences).

We set all three artists the challenge to read and respond to the script with 2-3 pieces of work they felt were relevant to the story. They asked us in turn to incorporate these images into our mood film. The mood film enabled us to raise the finance needed through an EIS scheme and BFI regional screen agencies. We completed shooting in 2009.

Brek also directed the development of the website, DVD design and content, to take a look click here.

“Upon first reading Island I was struck by the darkness of the story and the bleak outlook of our eventual heroine Nikki Black. I suffer from a rather rosy disposition and am generally drawn to stories with more light and humour to them, yet I was intrigued by this story. Hidden in amongst the twisted plot and complex themes, were small glints of beauty and innocence – Calum’s naivity, the birthday cake, Nikki and Calum’s passion for storytelling. I was most curious about how to recreate that balance of dark and light on screen. I thought the film adaptation of Island would be an exhilarating personal challenge and, by collaborating with Liz and Clare and pooling our diverse skill set, thought we might take this cinematic story in an innovative direction.” Brek Taylor

To see the film’s trailer click here.
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