KIPPERS & Harrowbarrow

Brek is currently developing two new feature films with award winning writer Lou Gerring; “KIPPERS” a stylish family farce and “Harrowbarrow” a rural carry-on. Different in genre and tone to her earlier feature films, Brek is keen to develop her range with imaginative commercial family films, seldom made here in the UK currently.

KIPPERS (Kids In Parents’ Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings)

Mr and Mrs Herring and their four children want for little in their thoroughly middle class, London lives, until Dad loses his banking job and the family home and they are all forced to decamp to Nana’s crumbling cottage in Dorset. It soon turns out that even Nana’s house may not “technically” be a Herring home for much longer either…In a technology free, fashion free, shop free and everything else free setting, they learn to cope with what they have left: each other.

This original and charming family comedy explores such contemporary questions as what makes a family? What makes a home? How do we find happiness today?

Script in development.


It’s 1984 and everyone in the UK is losing, including recently redundant and divorced headteacher Will Tamblyn and his street savvy ten year old son Morley. With nothing else to lose they leave their Oxford City lives and head to the sleepy Cornish village of Harrowbarrow to take on their exceedingly small primary school. Quickly after their arrival the school is threatened with closure, staff and parents refuse to speak to them and and local councillors come at them both with bryl creme and guns. Something is amiss in Harrowbarrow! It takes two special females to help them see the bigger picture and soon with the local community behind them they have all the ammunition and dance moves they need to challenge the officials and make education a success for all.

“Harrowbarrow” is a rural carry on that brings the British studio comedy films of the 1950s right up-to-date – well, 1984 actually. Feral children wisecrack “St Trinian’s” style, wholesome villages take on corrupt councils like the “Darling Buds of May” but ultimately everyone learns the much-needed lesson that no matter how small in stature you are, you can always make a difference.

Treatment in development.

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