Mash Up

Brek has devised an effective and playful methodology to aid effective collaboration and produce high quality creative material in her own work. After being approached by Theatre Producer Bridget Floyer she agreed to develop these techniques with a selection of artists and experts together with support from The Albany, Deptford and the Arts Council.

“It’s made me realise I’m interested in forms far outside my own experience… I have a tendency to go and see work like my own” Joe Wilde, Writer

Titled Mash Up, the project was developed to enable artists to explore effective collaboration with others from different disciplines, backgrounds and experience levels – people they might never have otherwise met to create refreshing and innovative work the industry needs. Just imagine the variety of work a performance poet, an actress, a film maker, an acrobat, an aboriculturalist and a designer could develop together if given time, space and support?

Brek and Bridget continue to develop and deliver Mash Up to a range of organisations, in different spaces to explore different skills. The first part of a Mash Up workshop involves exploring individual and group collaboration skills, followed by creative lab time and an opportunity for participants to share ideas.

“Mash Up gave me lots of ideas for what ‘collaborating’ really is” – Tiiu Mortley, Graeae

Mash Up was first piloted at The Albany, Deptford over three days from the 31 July to the 2 August 2013, and was supported by the Albany, Emergency Exit Arts, Graeae Theatre Company, Talawa Theatre Company, Islington Council, and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Participants included a lighting designer, a writer of children’s books, a musician, a performer, a filmmaker, a playwright, and an anomalistic psychologist. Mash Up has since been developed into weekend and taster workshops for the North London Film Partnerhship, Emergency Exit Arts, Hive Mind Collective and is currently being developed for corporate companies too.

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