My Moscow Miseducation

Brek is currently developing two new feature films including the retro rom-com “My Moscow Miseducation” developed with support from the BFI, produced by Rooks Nest Entertainment.

“My Moscow Miseducation” is an adaptation of Amy Spurling’s brilliant “My Soviet Kitchen”. Set in Moscow 1994. Super-bright (if over dedicated) British PhD student IVY STONE wakes up with the mother of all hangovers. And if that isn’t unusual enough a man has stayed the night and then left? Appalled and disbelieving she tries to remember who he was and quickly concludes he must have been significant. As she embarks on a journey of romance whodunnit and self-discovery across the former Soviet Union, Ivy must struggle to fulfill her academic responsibilities back home, lay to rest past hurts, and learn to re-evaluate her life.

Brek is working with long term film collaborator Elizabeth Mitchell on the project, undertaking script editing, story-boarding and workshopping with “Told by an Idiot” whilst Elizabeth writes.

“I was fascinated by the absorbing character of Ivy Stone and how best to represent her on screen. Exploring and bringing to life Ivy’s world is so exciting thanks to her energetic imagination and her dramatic story from shy foreign academic to beloved Russian comrade and humanitarian to boot!  It’s an even more intriguing transition to illustrate when set against the backdrop of ex-Soviet countries also trying to find their identity.” Brek Taylor

To see a making of episode from our film’s prep click here.
To read about what people think of working with Brek on this project so far click here.

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